For 49 years we’ve served small towns just like yours with quality parts and great service.

Our trucks deliver water, sewer, & gas supplies weekly to our neighbors in a 10 state region: TN, AL, MS, MO, AR, VA, NC, GA, KY, IL

You shouldn’t have to wait for your parts to arrive.

Gone is the frustration of waiting for the “truck to fill up” before you get the parts you need.

G&C is different.

Our trucks run the same route each week so you can have consistency in the parts and supplies that you need.

Above & Beyond

Our customers needed help in specialized areas. They asked, we delivered.


What sizes can you fuse?
How is the pipe fused?
Will I have to be trained to use the equipment?
What does pipe fusion cost?
How long will it take?


What size vaults do you carry?
Do you assemble the vaults?
Can you design the vaults for us?
What is the cost for vaults?
How heavy are your vaults?
What is the advantage to having vaults?


What brands do you use?
What size does the hole need to be for a Valve insertion?
What size does the hole need to be for a tap?
When can you do it?
What areas do you service?

Real help.
Real people.
Real fast.

Our team of experts that you can talk to is why our customers keep coming back. We’ll connect you to the right real person.

(800) 238-3836